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No Limits No Boundaries



My name is Ronnie Dorsey and I Welcome You to this blog.

Become a part of the solution to creating a better America!

If you are looking for a Home Based, Income Building Business…..
Watch the Short Video to Hear about the story of

 MICHELLE (Click Here)

 I’ll get right to the point:
For less than 20.00 per month using our National Product OR using your own home electric bill,  depending on where you live,  I will show you how to build a homebased business tapping into an Trillion Dollar industry that will change your financial life and help everyone you know.

 North American Power

Continue looking at the No Limits No Boundaries Movement to learn how.

Our Company North American Power’s Vision is to be a cause based social network marketing company, creating solutions not only in America, but in The World.

This can be the place for you to start fulfilling YOUR DREAMS.


We are like No Business you may have ever been exposed to before.

I want to personally welcome you to our business team No Limits No Boundaries!. I invite you to Click here and learn why I have decided to invest my time in this opportunity.

American Wind

-Do you care about the state America is in right now?
- Would you agree with me that our economy here in America is suffering?

- Would you agree with me that the lack of jobs and the unemployment rate in America is High?
 -Would you agree with me that our dependency on foreign oil not only drives the cost at the pump it also affects our economy in a negative way?

 -Would you like a cleaner and Greener America?
 -Would you like to be able to make a difference in the lives of those who need more help through Charities?
 -Would you agree with me that our government, no matter what side you are on is not creating nor will they create a solution to the above problems?

 If you answered yes to any of the above questions, would you like to join with me to create our own solutions to the above problems?
Would you like to be a part of those solutions and build a business creating an income for yourself and those you share this with?

energy jobs

  I invite you to learn about the cause based social network marketing company I represent as an independent rep. North American Power.Every person who becomes a customer of the company not only will create an avenue to saving money, we will also be able to become a solution to ALL of the above given problems and make an ongoing residual income month after month.

No Limits No Boundaries
 -Everyone already uses electricity and gas so you will not be doing anything more than what you currently do, you will just be doing it through your own business.

Begin your journey to creating a solution for your own economic recovery by (Clicking Here)
Please contact me at for more information. From there, we can set a time where we can speak directly and set up the best time for you to view this opportunity, in order for you to be able to evaluate and decide if this opportunity has value for you to participate in.  I will work side by side with you to build a successful business and income stream.

The Power Of The No Limits No Boundaries Movement

We are the ONLY Company in the industry of network marketing in the deregulating energy field that has NO up-front fees to join our company, so there is NO risk and we are the ONLY company able to do business in every state of America, Through our American Wind product! (Click Here)

Energy Career

We have a genuine interest in your success

and will do our very best to make sure you

have all the tools and support.

Anytime you need assistance, on any matter,

DO NOT hesitate to call and ask for the help

you need.

The only way to be successful in any business is to follow a proven system and be trained by someone who has already experienced success.

I have been a part of this great industry and I know this industry starts by building a relationship with those you come in contact with. This is the ONLY way to have long term success. I hope you will take the time to contact me directly to begin building our relationship.

North American Power is a DIFFERENT KIND of COMPANY

There is a proper way to build success in this industry so I encourage you to follow the steps outlined below. Only then will you be able to make a well informed decision about where you want to start with our company.

Take a few moments right now to learn WHY we are different. It is my belief it will be one of the best investments of your time.

You will learn about the ongoing Deregulation of the Energy Industry and How YOU can capitalize on it and how to position yourself to make a significant residual monthly income.
The energy industry is an industry producing over Trillion Dollars in revenue.
I can show you how you can tap into this industry and build a real home based business.


No longer do you have to spend time away from Home to work Your home based business.

Are you seeing what we see now?

If so, follow those step to become one of our partners.

We are looking for serious  minded individuals who want to make money and are able to SEE the VISION of where we are headed.

Find out if this business is for you! along with finding out how much money You can position yourself to make by working with us!.

Right Now is the time to learn how you can join!

No Limits No Boundaries

Do not wait!



Now that makes sense. Doesn’t It?

To You  Future Success!!

-Ronnie Dorsey


I’m excited about this…

…RIGHT NOW, we’re going to be doing something unique – bringing on people all over the world who are earning from $10,000 – $50,000 monthly, and picking their brains to ‘how‘ they’re doing it…

…we’ll have Cristina Munoz, Tracey Walker, Justin Verrengia, Tony Rush, and a few surprise guests – here’s the thing:

All of them are earning $10,000 – $50,000 per month…


3 way calls.

Home meetings…

or Prospecting of any kind.

Or any other ‘grinder‘ tactic you can imagine…

…what ARE they doing?  PAY ATTENTION – and feel free to lock in your spot at any time.  (only $25)

-Ronnie Dorsey

…and leave your thoughts in the comments below – what questions do you have for tonight?

DISCLAIMER:  Just because ALL of the people who are coming on tonight earn from $10,000 – $300,000 per month, doesn’t mean that you’ll make money fast and easy, too.  See our Full Earnings Disclosure at any time.


I’ve been wanting to write about this for a long time…

…a few years ago, I picked up the book ‘The Four Hour Work Week‘ by Timothy Ferris, and I was fascinated by his concept of ‘The New Rich.’

What are they?

A class of people who earn ‘mobile income’ and can travel the world, doing as they please…

…with no restrictions of time or money.

I’ve personally taken the concepts in that book, and revolutionized the way that I lived, and thought about business.

I’ve used the concepts, I traveled the world, and live the life of my dreams.

Living abroad is…

…well, just cool.

A lot of people WANT to live abroad, and they think that it’s not easy…  The income that you want to make, for example – before you take action and live the dream may be four or five times what you actually need.

…the best part?

It’s easier than you think.

I think that you’ll be shocked at how easy it is to create a ‘mobile lifestyle’ and see the world.

It all goes back to the Freedom Message we’ve been talking about – this is NOT just about making lots, and lots of money…

…I want you to have a life at the same time.

Check out the interview:

The formula?

1.  Pick a badass place you want to live.

Here’s the cool thing – it could be ANYWHERE with an internet connection.

Most of the world has internet :)

2.  Create a ‘Target Mobile-Income’ to hit, to live in your sweet new place.

The best part?  Living internationally can be a LOT cheaper than living in the USA, or other First World countries.  You’ll be shocked at how much it costs Justin to live in the tropics with maids…

…it’s easier than you think.

3.  Break your target income into a ‘daily average’ and come up with a marketing plan :)

In the video, Justin explains how he just broke $10,000 in a month for the first time ever, cut his phone time down to a FOURTH of what it used to be, all by following a simple, proven formula…

…that he learned in THIS VIDEO.

4.  Live your dream when you hit your target :)

That’s it!

Here’s the beauty:

If you’re ‘all in‘ we can show you a simple, proven formula to create your dreams, NOW – and live wherever you want in the world.

This really is…

…just badass :)

Leave me your thoughts in the comments below!

To your success

-Ronnie Dorsey

P.S.  Ed ‘From Ohio‘ earned his first ‘phone free’ $36,497 here at Empower Network.

What does that mean?

He’s always made 50 calls a day, brow beating his way to the top.

The SHEER FORCE of his will blanketed his bank account with commissions.

Here at Empower Network?

He sent a few emails.

Check out the check we presented to him at ‘Don’t Be A Wussy’ 2012:

* Just because Ed ‘from Ohio’ made $36,497 in Empower Network without any phone calls, doesn’t mean that you’ll make lots of money, too.  We don’t promise income of any kind.  See our Full Income Disclosure.

P.P.S.  In San Diego, we’re releasing something that is CHANGING THE GAME.

Be there :)

(tickets should go on sale here in a couple of days – get the early bird discount, and watch out)

Leave your thoughts in the comments below - where do you want to live?


We did it again :-)

After already giving away over $75,000 in CASH and PRIZES in our first 2 huge affiliate contests our first 7 months in existence…

…to normal people just like you – simply because – we WANTED to – we’re doing again.

Just this time, we’re doing it in BIGGER and BETTER fashion.

At ‘Fight the Forces of Evil’ – our next event in San Diego, we’re going to give away $35,000 CASH on stage to the top 3 winners  of our brand new (just announced) affiliate contest.

And the stage will be front and center in front of over 3,000 screaming, chanting, and pumped up Empower Network bad asses.

In June, in Atlanta  – we counted out and handed over $12,000 CASH to Mack Zidon on stage in front of a huge 1,200 person audience….

Mack Zidon Empower Network contest winner

…and we actually caught it all on film – you can watch it here.

And just because we gave Mack $12,000 CASH does not guarantee or imply you will also earn $12,000 in CASH. And even though this was not even a picture of Mack’s commissions, but simply an affiliate prize he won, you can still view our full earnings disclosure to stay up-to-date with the average earnings of our members.

It actually took about 5 minutes to count it all out. And the audience helped count every hundred dollar bill.

This time, I expect it to take 20 minutes….

…because we have to count out triple the CASH….

….to the TOP 3 winners.

Not just one person.

That just gets me pumped up thinking about it.

But that’s not all :)

In Atlanta, we treated the leaders to a special day – where we picked them up in stretch Hummers and took them on an all expense paid ‘vacation’ day to the out skirts of Atlanta where we bought them fine cuisine, masterminded with them….

Empower Network leaders retreat

…..and mapped out the vision of the company, and the plan to PAY-OUT $100 million dollars in commissions over the next 12 months.

Empower Network mastermind

And that plan IS WORKING.

The good news is:

In San Diego, for the TOP 25 winners, we’re going to do the same thing again.

YOU want to be there with us.

Trust me.

In Atlanta, we also held a private, ‘pre-event’ leaders only training for 100 people where we laid out the goal of the event, and let them in on the vision of the leaders.

Everyone had an opportunity to meet Dave and I, and the leaders, and snap a picture and ask a few questions.

The training was awesome – and the value was PRICELESS.

Empower Network pre-event leaders training

In San Diego, for the TOP 150 winners, we’re going to do the same thing again.

You’ll have exclusive access to this ‘pre-event’ leaders only mastermind session, PLUS VIP seating in the FRONT of the room at the event.

You want this.

The only catch for the contest is….

You have to be active.

You have to be ‘all in’.

And you have to be at the event.

(the details for the contest will be in your back office this week)

The contest starts tomrorow, July 11 at midnight and goes until September 20 at midnight.

The people are pumped.

I’m pumped.

And anyone can win.

Empower Network is not here to serve the classes.

We’re here to serve the masses.

It’s simple.

We’re here:

For the people….

…by the people.

And there’s NO PLACE anywhere online that you can step your game up to BIG LEAGUE status as quickly as you can here at Empower Network.

The exposure you’ll get by having your name in the winners list for tens-of-thousands of people to see every week – every day – constantly over the next 2 months…..

….is the single MOST profitable thing you can can do for your business RIGHT NOW.

The leaders are gearing up.

I know – I’m talking to them.

The people who have been sitting on the sidelines watching…..


Sitting poised for the perfect time to start building their empire here with Empower are NOW getting ‘all in’.

It’s time YOUR time.

You can do this.

And if you’re not ‘in’ Empower Network yet – get in here (click).

I don’t normally post the recordings of our ‘Monday Night Empower Hour Call’ on the front of the blog – I leave it reserved for members to listen to in the members area….

….but this week is different.

EVERYONE needs to hear this message.

If you’re feeling…..


Burnt out….



Or just need to hear the MOST bad ass call ever.

(I’m sooo not kidding)

And check out with others had to say about it:

Empower Hour call comments

Our time is NOW.

There are some SERIOUS things on that call you will WANT to hear.

And you’ll LOVE hearing them.

I’ll see you on stage in San Diego.

Let’s Lock Arms….

….and Fight the Forces of Evil.

To your Success

- Ronnie Dorsey

P.S. Have at it in the comments section below. Let me hear your heart. Let me hear your thoughts. Let’s do this. And hit ‘Like’ and share this post with the world!


       I just finished reading this badass book called ‘The Tipping Point‘ by Malcom Gladwell.

I figured since one of the 8 ‘Core Commitments‘ at Empower Network is to read every day, that I would start sharing what I’m reading.

Only if it’s good, though – if I read something awful, I’ll keep it to myself.

The truth is, I don’t like most success books (they’re boring) this one fascinated me for a variety of reasons.

One of the most useful things that I ever discovered was that everyone has different kinds of gifts, and, simultaneously – we’re all awful at different things.

For example, for years I tried to build a business by being good at prospecting.

I thought that if I could just learn the ‘magical line’ or the ‘perfect pitch’ that I would have the key to success.

See, I thought that to succeed, I had to be good at selling stuff AND getting the audience via prospecting.

What did I learn?  Not the case.

Since that day, I’ve been enamored with the idea that not only do I not need to get good at stuff that I hate – but that it’s destructive to my happiness and success if I do anything but…

…what I have a natural gift for.

Selling stuff, communicating, and teaching.

Not only do I make more money in less time if that’s ALL I do…

…I’m also happier, feel sexier, and make LOTS more money with less work.


By figuring out how to get other people to do stuff that I suck at.

What does this have to do with ‘The Tipping Point‘?


See, in order to accomplish what we want – which is not to make money.

(That’s easy)

What we want is to create a movement that spreads like a Virus – completely out of control.

Then, we all make 100 times the money.

How do we do that?

By getting YOU to do what you’re good at, and focus on MASTERING that.

Then, together, we all speak and UNIFY behind a single, powerful vision and process.

We are the freedom message.

We are the movement that teaches people how to create their dream lifestyle.

No bull-shit.

No politics.

Just pure, unadulterated and RAW success.

We don’t teach you anything to just ‘keep you busy’ here.

We teach you how to create results.

Watch this video I made:

Let me share with you what I see with Empower Network.

I don’t just see a little ‘internet team’.

I see a movement.

I see the most powerful group of visionaries that exists in the direct sales industry.

I see the best leaders here in any single group of people that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Are you sick of the bull shit?

I am.

If you’re ready to take action, get results, and GROW – not just living your dream right now, this instant…

…then don’t be a wussyJust Get In.

What we did in Atlanta created the birth of a movement.

What we’re going to do in San Diego will create the largest single group of top earners the Direct Sales industry has ever seen.

We are the people.

We are sick of the bull-shit.

We are here for freedom.

We shall not be stopped.

Join us.

Click Here.

See why Chris Tuttle made a decision to go ‘All In‘:

To your success :)

Ronnie Dorsey

P.S.  At the event, we presented Tracey Walker with a check, representing what she had ALREADY EARNED in just over six months with Empower Network.

Will you get one at the event in San Diego?  We’d love to have YOU on stage.

* Just because Tracey Walker made $91,850 in six months, doesn’t guarantee that you will make lots of money, too.  See our Full Income Disclosure.

P.P.S.  Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and share this post in your Facebook Groups

Let’s rock.  See you in San Diego.

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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